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At one time, Kelly’s was closed during this highly celebrated event for fear of overcrowding.  It’s hard to believe today, since Kelly’s and St. Patrick's Day are inextricably connected in the minds of local Irish descendents and Irish O’Wannabes.  People of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds pack into the bar with one goal: A shamrockin’ good time (which for most includes perhaps a few too many pints).  A wee bit of fashion advice:  Wear green and don’t wear anything that can’t handle a little spill – although every lost drop of stout ’tis an awful shame! 

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In 1978, Larry 'Chugger' Worth, Kelly's daytime manager, suggested to Kyle that Kelly's start a golf tournament.  Sounds cool, thought Kyle.  The first year the Kelly's Shillelagh Golf Tournament netted about $65, which was donated to the charity Sherwood Center.  After over 30 years and 4,600 entrants, the Shillelagh has raised over $325,000 for charities, primarily Welcome House, a half-way house for recovering male alcoholics.  If you think about it, the Welcome House is a really good fit.  The Shillelagh has many faithful players, some who have played in over 25 tourneys.  Thanks, guys (& gals) for all your support!


For more information on welcome house, visit http://www.welcomehousekc.org/

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In the early 1980s, a group of devoted Iowa State fans were in Kelly’s on the Wednesday night before the Big-8 basketball tournament.  After having a wonderful, Cyclone-bonding and boosting time, they decided the next year to send out flyers to fellow fans announcing Kelly’s as the place to kick off the tournament.  The tradition has carried on and grown with every passing year.  Iowa State fans can now comfortably call Kelly’s their home away from home.  Of course, we still get plenty of fans from our favorite local and nearby schools, including KU, MU, UMKC, Rockhurst University and more.  But none of them have to travel near as far to find a welcoming, fan-friendly atmosphere.  

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Once a year the lucky employees of Kelly's gather for two reasons:  To exchange gifts and drink for free.  There is an abundance of food, a party theme, cheesy Christmas music and bartenders from the Westport area brought in to give the employees the night off!  There is one rule though: No shots.  For this, they simply walk across the street to Harry's.

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The landlord of Kelly's from 1947 till 1995 was the George Wiedenmann, Sr family. Mr. Wiedenmann's father, John, purchased the building at 500 Westport Road in 1903. George Sr.'s three children, George Jr., John and Jean ultimately sold the property to Pat & Kyle in 1995.


The bottle of Ten High bourbon shown in this photo has some of George Jr.'s ashes. Guess what his favorite libation was?